• opgraph background

    OpGraph Framework

    The OpGraph project provides a framework for building complex operations from simpler ones. Written in Java, the project includes:

    • a graph data structure for constructing operations,
    • a processing context for fine control over execution,
    • a context structure for controlling the data flow in the graph,
    • an application framework for creating a custom editor to create and edit graphs, and
    • XML persistence.
  • voxel iterator background

    Voxel (grid-based) Iterator

    A C++ iterator for iterating over 3D grids.

  • radix tree background

    Radix Tree

    A Java implementation of the radix tree data structure, written during my time on the Phon project. This implementation mostly implements the java.util.Map interface.

  • stereo vision background

    Stereo Reconstruction

    Source code to the stereo vision work I done during my Masters research. Some things one can find in this work:

    • a simple XML project format,
    • basic two-stereo implementation using method in cooperation withgeodesic support weights,
    • partial implementation of thismulti-stereo method,
    • rendering of point (basic and splats) and mesh models,
    • camera response curve calibration viaDebevec's method,
    • image capture via Point Grey FlyCap,
    • multi-camera calibration via OpenCV,
    • simple task system where tasks can be run in background, and
    • implementation of the refractive epipolar geometry method outlined in my M.Sc. thesis.

    Task progress windowVisualizing the positions and orientations of camerasStereo windowFeatures have been detectedA selected feature is circled in one image, and its corresponding epipolar curve is displayed in green in the opposite image
  • manatee background


    A messaging library for Java, making extensive use of annotations to describe and pass messages.
  • jype background


    A Java library for describing types. Primarily used to describe generic parameter types at runtime.