A New Look

2 minute read

Well, the score editor project my friend and I have been working on has taken a bit of a regression. In particular, we decided to switch to Qt and C++ because Swing just wasn't doing it for us. It just lacked in a native feel, particularly on the Mac.

So there's nothing much new here, but by using QGraphicsView we have been able to really do some neat stuff. In particular, printing was a breeze but also exporting PDFs and supporting zoom. We also decided to display the score in pages instead of one long, unified page. I think it gives it a more professional feel, and also shows you exactly how it will look when printed. Anyways, a screen shot showing the zooming out, and also a new splash screen that yours truly put together. Not too shabby, but it still needs a bit more pizazz.

splash screenscreenshot 1
Splash screen (left) and the main window (right), complete with tablature, score, fretboard, and bar listing.