Current Work

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I thought that since I haven't posted in awhile, I'd put something new up to let everyone know what's been up for the past few months.

Well first, posts have been delayed because up until mid-December I was busy finishing the last of my courses required for my M.Sc. After that, I spent holidays both relaxing and working on my first paper. The paper focuses on improving stereo matching  for underwater environments. In particular, the paper builds a physical-based foundation for epipolar geometry in an underwater stereo system, one in which cameras are placed in waterproof housings. We have results on synthetic data which shows that naive approach of traditional stereo by itself is inferior to our own approach, especially for cameras with wide angle lenses.

I think I've put together a pretty good paper (along with plenty of revisions and invaluable feedback from my supervisors), so here's hoping to getting accepted for ICPR 2010 ! If our paper gets accepted I'll be off to Istanbul in late August to present it. I'll be sure to keep everyone updated on this. If it does go somewhere, I expect several more publications will stem from this work, hopefully in a first-tier conference and maybe even a big journal!

The score editing software that my friend and I were working on has been put on the back burner temporarily. I am mostly focused on school and he is busy with his job so, for now, it's hard to find the time and the focus necessary to move the project along. Hopefully it'll pick up eventually, and if it does, I'll be sure to keep everyone updated on its progress.