Manatee Released

3 minute read

When I was digging through some of my old Java code I came across a messaging system I developed for an old application I was working on. I decided to pick it up and make it usable, hence Manatee . Clone the repository @, or check out the example .

Why call it Manatee?

The messaging system makes use of annotations to establish messages and connections, so the name is a merging of "message" and "annotations". It was my attempt at being clever, which everyone seems to be doing these days with their project names (I apologize).

Why use Manatee?

It's not a powerful messaging API, if that's what you're looking for, but it is lightweight and simple. If all you want is a simple way to pass messages around within an application, Manatee will get the job done. All you do is annotate your messages that you send, and the methods that will receive them. Instantiate a message delivery system, add the receiver instances, and then use the system to send messages. There's some basic checks to make sure that the signature of a message matches the signature of the receiving method. Hopefully in time I can make things more robust.