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Just an update to let anyone reading this blog know that the project from my last post was put on the back burner for a bit while I worked out other things in life. More specifically, I've been looking into grabbing a job. I recently had an on-site interview with Facebook which went relatively well, but I did happen to stumble a little on the technical interviews. In a couple of days I'll be hearing back about that. Looks like a great place to work!

Anyways, back to the project. It's getting pretty close to release, so expect a blog post in the near future pointing to the repository. I'm mostly improving the documentation, and working out the workflow for release. There's a couple of design issues I have with the project currently, but I may push things to GitHub before I take care of those. Keep checking back for updates!

UPDATE: Looks like I didn't get the job. Unfortunately, my lack of experience played against me and my stumbling.