Back in Business

3 minute read

The score editor project has come off the back burner and is now up front. I still have work to do with regards to my thesis but I expect I'll have that done before mid-summer. Right now the focus is on the following:

  • Completing the port from Java. This task is mostly done, and we just need to implement
    • MIDI playback, and
    • loading/saving of project files.
  • Rendering of both scores and tablature.
  • Create a website (partially done).
  • Fix some bugs and glitchy behaviour.

So not much really. I'm really hoping to get the first public beta out before 2012, so here's hoping! For anyone interested, here are some of the technologies I'm currently using, all of which I enjoy:

  • Qt SDK 
    • Qt Libraries
    • Qt Creator (highly recommended for C++ dev)
  • Boost C++ Libraries 
    • Mostly for Boost Signals, which I prefer over the Qt signals/slots system due to it being far more flexible
  • Redmine 
    • For internal project management (currently)
  • Django  + virtualenv 
    • For website dev (I edit everything with vim )
  • Inkscape 
    • For vector graphics, which we use to produce the paths for various shapes (e.g., clefs and rests)
  • Git 
    • For version control, which I highly recommend. Who knew branch-based development could be so easy? I also love being able to commit locally, and manually tweaking my commits.