Expressing Qt Love

2 minute read

The more I use Qt, the more I love it. Whenever I talk to people I'm always expressing my joy about how simple it is to do things with Qt. Whenever I do something new, no matter how small, I'm excitedly telling and showing friends what I've done.

For example, recently I had the requirement that I wanted to be able to save images displayed by QGraphicsPixmapItem to a file. In a matter of a couple of minutes I extended QObject and QGraphicsPixmapItem, wrote an override for the contextMenuEvent to display a "Save Image" menu, and a simple slot to show a "Save File" dialog. Now all the images I'm showing on my QGraphicsView can be optionally saved to a file at the user's request.

A really simple thing, but that's because it was done in Qt! If it weren't for the existence of Qt I would probably still be using Java and Swing.