Summer Work

3 minute read

Well my research job started last week and I'm looking forward to some results, although they won't come till later on this summer. I will be researching two areas:

  1. Image stitching 
  2. Feature matching 

The basic idea is to take a set of photos and generate multiple panoramas from them appropriately. After this I will be estimating camera poses and with some form of a transform allow the user to travel from one panorama to the next. This should end up being a fully automated process so that one can easily create "virtual tours". It is sort of a combination of different software (such as Microsoft PhotoSynth  and Quicktime VR .

I'm hoping by the end of the summer I'll have most of the concepts straightened out and some tools/software created to generate these tours and display them. Depending on the results I may carry on with this project for my honours thesis. Such a thesis would be an extension on this work and would probably include improved algorithms along with efficiency improvements, such as utilizing the GPU for tour generation.

Whenever I start getting results, I'll make another post. Once I understand the domain better I'll probably even post some technical information (for those of us who enjoy learning)!